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Principal Message

"If a plant is carefully nurtured by a gardener it will become good and produce better fruits. Therefore children must be given a good training from their earliest childhood."

Modern education is all about helping the child to realized and explore his potentialities and latent talents. As parents, students and school authorities are a team and complement each other effort. Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a future job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one’s life and make our students the future hope of the country.

SGGRR Public school Pauri Garhwal has been serving the society since July 1990. Our purpose is to motivate students for better learning. The school is at its best to inculcate the students the habit of punctuality and regularity and bring desirable changes in students through instruction example and influence. For the all round development of student we are in our best effort to improve their curricular as well as co-curricular performance. The school has imparted all possible facilities to student to enable them get success in every field of life. Our qualified and experienced teachers guide the students to get excellence in every sphere.

I take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks to parents, guardians and well wishers whose co-operation and valuable feedback has always been helpful to us. I also thank to teaching, administrative and support staff for their unflinching efforts during the academic year. My debt of gratitude to our patron Hon’ble Shri Mahant Devendra Dass Maharaj for encouraging our strengthing. Our efforts his blessing guide us to perform better

I also thankful to all our education officers Shri H.P. Bhatt, Shri R.P. Dobhal, Shri V.M. Thapliyal , Shri D.P. Mamgain and Shri Vishnu kumar Nautiyal coordinator of SGRR Education mission for support in all our endeavours.

Mr. R.P. Dhondiyal
SGRR Public school
Pauri Garhwal


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